Thursday, January 28, 2016

Extras ~ Bubble Day

These extras were created using Maigan Lynn Individual Tube 14-3.  You must have a license to create with this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

I am also using the super cute ScrapMonti_CleanAsAWhistle scrap kit by Monti.

As with all of my creations do not alter in any way that includes re-sizing, adding your name or removing credits.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scrap Layout ~ All Heart

This layout was created using the All Heart scrap kit by Veronica A.  Please visit her store to get this incredible kit full of love.

You can snag the full size PNG of this HERE

The layout is in PNG format for you to add your own photos and is 3600x3600

Friday, January 22, 2016

Extras ~ Enys Guerrero ~ Even in Death

These extras were created using Enys Guerrero Individual Tube 17-1.  You must have a license to use this artwork in creations.  Please visit CDO for more information.

I am using the awesome kit ScrapGimptastic_IB-EnysGuerrero-19-3 by Amy.  This kit is really awesome with lots of beautiful elements and papers.

As with all my creations do not re-size or add your name to them.  Please do not remove copyright/creator information.

Tutorial ~ Mirror Mirror (Forum Style)

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice.  I am using Anna Marine Individual Tube 49-3.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

Scrap kit is ScrapGimptastic_IB-EnysGuerrero-19-3 by Amy.  This wonderfully dark kit contains everything you will need to re-create this tag.  

I am basing this tutorial using this kit and this tube.  If you use different supplies its still the same just by creating your own tag and using your own wording, just make it your own.


Xero ~ Porcelain

Font for MIRROR 1 is Impact.  Font for mirror 2 and name is Disgusting Behavior (found at

Let's get started!

Open your tube, shift D to duplicate and close out original.

Open new image 500x250, transparent background.  Copy paste paper 5 and move it around till you like it.  Selections, select all, Image, crop to selection.

Open elements 1, 15, 16, 19 and 22.

Copy paste element 1, image, mirror and place to right side bottom corner.  Apply drop shadow.  2, 5, 79, 6.93, black.

I will be using the same drop shadow throughout so when I say apply drop shadow just keep it the same.

Copy paste element 19 and move toward top of your tag.  Drop shadow.

Copy paste element 22.  It should already be toward the right of your tag and hanging over your apple.  Drop Shadow.

Now here is a tricky part so don't get frustrated.  It might take a few tries to get it the way you like it.

Shift D on element 16 (the locket) and close original.

Selection Tool, Elipse, Add(Shift) mode, Feather 0 and anti-alias checked.  On the solid side of the locket (left side) start in the center of the locket and pull down your elipse till you reach the bottom part then pull your elipse outward to have your elipse cover the oval shape making sure not to let go of your mouse.

Example ::

Start center and pull down
 Don't let go and pull out 

Copy paste your tube as a new layer, re-size by 50%, position where you like, selections, invert and hit delete.  Change blend mode of tube layer to Luminance Legacy.  Layers, merge, merge visble.  Copy paste this locket to your tag.

Image mirror, image rotate, free rotate 33.33 to the left.  Drag layer to right above your background and position to the right.  Use my tag for reference.  Drop shadow.

Copy paste element 15, position to the left and toward the top beneath the apple vine.  Check my tag for placement.  Duplicate this layer, image mirror and move down a bit if you like to make it look like the blood is on the locket.  I did not add a drop shadow to this element.

Copy paste your tube, position a little downward where you like.  Drop shadow then CTRL Y to apply the drop shadow again.

If you like the way your tag looks then layers merge all flatten.  New layer, flood fill with black, selections, select all, modify, contract by 2, hit delete, select none.  Layers merge all flatten again.

Layers, promote background layer.

Image, Canvas size, 600x250 right center arrow checked.

Text tool, Impact size 48, caps locked, Kearning at -25.  Black foreground, null background, stroke width at 2.0.  Type out the word MIRROR.  Click apply.  Image rotate, free rotate 90 left.  Position up against the left side of your border.  Objects align vertical center.  Grab center and stretch word toward left to make it taller. 

Convert to raster layer.

Magic Wand, add/shift, RGB Value, Tolerance 0.  Click inside each letter.  Selections, modify, expand by 1.  Copy paste your tube, position where you like it, selections, invert, delete.  Layers arrange, send to bottom.

Xero, porcelain 50, 128, 128.  Apply then apply again.

Back to your MIRROR text layer, apply drop shadow.

Back to your main tag layer.  Apply Xero Porcelain twice.  Layers merge visible.

Text tool, Disgusting Behavior size 72, caps off, Kearning 0.  Foreground  #c7baa9 and background #950206.  Type out mirror in lower case, apply, image rotate, free rotate 90 to left and position like on my tag.  You might need to bring it up to the top layer.  Objects, align vertical center.  Convert to raster and add drop shadow.

Add your credits and copyright information.  Layers merge all visible.

Using the Disgusting Behavior font at the same settings as before type out your name and place where you like it.  I used size 48.  Drop shadow.

Save as a PNG.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I always love seeing how your creations turned out so please feel free to send them to me and I will put on the blog to show off!

Here is another example using different scrap and tube.  I didn't use the Porcelain on this one.

For this tag below I am using ScrapMonti_IB-PinUpToons-April2014-bt by Monti.  I am also using Anna Liwanag Individual Tube 78-3.

And one more I did as an example

  My awesome friend Dottie tried the tut out and created two different tags.
This just shows that even without the same supplies you can have really cool results just using the same techniques.

Here is Marcia's awesome tag results

Here is Angel's beautiful tag

Roelanda tried it out too and her results are stunning as well

Tracy's awesome tag!

I absolutely love Sandra's tag!

Here is Monique's beautiful results!

Miss Awesome Sauce Fiona's awesome sauce cute tag!

Liadan did a beautiful job!

Here is Ginni's lovely taggie!

Melissa's tag is so pretty!

And oh my how cute is this from Marianne?!

Here is Lou Ann's adorable taggie

I like how Jo put the wording on the other side of her great tag

Goblin's pretty pretty tag!

TenaAnn's super creative tag

Wow Dalova's tag was a jaw dropper for me

Here is Sass' fab tag!

Shaymin's adorable tag

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wallpaper ~ Molly Harrison ~ Every Leaf

This wallpaper was created using Molly Harrison Individual Tube 103-1.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more informaiton.  I am also using CDO_AutumnCollabKit-2015 scrap kit.

Two versions available.  A 2016 calendar and a plain version.


Wallpaper ~ Amy Brown ~ Once Upon a Time

This wallpaper was created using Amy Brown Individual Tube 96-2.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.  I am also using CDO-SpringCollab-2015 scrap kit.