Monday, February 23, 2015

Tutorial ~ Little Gardener (Forum Style)

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice

I am using Maryline Cazenave Individual Tube 3-2.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

Scrap kit of choice

Font I used on my name is Charlie

Let's get started!

Open your tube, shift D then close out original.  Minimize this for now.

Open a new transparent image 450 x 100.  Flood Fill with paper of choice.  Rename this Rectangle.

Layers, new raster layer, flood fill with black, selections, select all, modify, contract by 3, hit delete key, select none.  Layers, merge all flatten, layers, promote background layer.

Image, Canvas size 475 x 150, center button selected, layers, new raster layer.  Flood fill this with either color of choice or paper of choice.  I chose for this tutorial to keep the same paper.  Layers, arrange, send to bottom.

Back to your Rectangle layer, add drop shadow of 2, -2, 42, 7 black then add drop shadow again changing first two to -2 & 2.

Back to your bottom layer.  Begin adding the elements you like, as many as you like and where you like.  This is your creation so have fun and be creative.  Just start layering and re-sizing, adding drop shadows.  Have some stuff overlap your original Rectangle layer to give it depth.

When you are done with all your elements go to the Rectangle layer and add your tube.  You will probably have to re-size it so just play around with your settings till it looks right to you.  I re-sized mine down to 26%.  Add a drop shadow if you like.  Move it where you like.  You can always look at my tag for an example of what I did.

Make sure you are on your most top layer, add a new raster layer, flood fill with black, selections, select all, modify and contract by 3, hit delete key, select none.

Now back to that Rectangle layer.  This is where you will type out your name or text you want if you are making extras.  Add a drop shadow to your name.  When happy merge all flatten and your done.  Save as JPEG.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please feel free to share with me your results and I will post them here to show them off.

Here is another one I did using a different tube and different scrap kit

Dottie tried it out and I LOVE what she did with it

Jo tried it out and these are her fabulous results!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extras ~ CRM Am I Cute?

These extras were created using ScrapCD_IB-CuddlyRigorMortis-July2011-bt by Chichi Designz.

I am also using Cuddly Rigor Mortis Individual Tube 42-2.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tutorial ~ It's Good To Be Random (Forum Style)

I am using Leonida Preda Individual Tube 6-2.  You must have a license in order to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.
Here is another example of the same technique but different tube used.

For my second example I am using Ed Mironiuk Individual Mega Tube 92-2.  This tube comes in different layers to create different color for hair, eyes and such.  Not needed for this tutorial but fun to use if you have one like it. (Ed Mironiuk is retiring from CDO so if the link above no longer works please check out his website at

Supplies Needed

Tube of your choice

Word Art of your choice or use mine found here

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow just on my credits (but if you don't have don't use)

Let's Get Started!

Open your supplies and Shift D to duplicate originals then close your originals

Open a new image 550 x 220 transparent background

Copy and paste your tube and position to the left.

Layers, duplicate, image, re-size by 68%, layers, duplicate, image, re-size by 68%.  You should now have 3 tube layers all different sizes.  Position where you like them.

Layers, merge all visible, edit, copy.  Move off of your current tag and edit, paste as a new image.  You should now have 2 of your tag (I do this as a backup, you might not need this second image).  Back to your original.

Image, Decrease color depth, 2 colors.  Leave the rest on the default settings.  You should now have a black and white pixel image.  Edit paste as a new layer (should be your original 3 tubes but if not go to your copied tag and copy paste as a new layer onto your pixel tag)

Top layer, blend mode, hard light.

Now open up your tag to full view, rectangle tool, pixel size 3.  I chose black for foreground and a color from your tube for background.  Draw out a rectangle large enough to fit text in.  Mine is about 7 pixels.  Check my tag for guidance.

Layers, new raster layer, flood fill with black.  Selections, select all, selections, modify, contract by 3, hit delete key, selections, select none.

Layers, merge, merge all flatten.

If you are using my word art ::  copy paste Good To Be layer onto your tag, re-size to 31%, position on rectangle, copy paste Random, re-size to 31% and position on rectangle.  Depending on how large your rectangle is you may need to change the % you re-size.

If you are using a different word art or your own text play around with it till you like.

Type out your name and position on rectangle at other side of tag.

Add your credits (I used my gradient glow on my credits to make them more visible)

Layers, merge all flatten.  Save your tag as a JPEG.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.  I would also love to show off your results here so please send them to

Here is Dottie's cute tag!

Derika's great tag!

Draygon Flydreams tried it out and here are the fab results!

Word Art ~ It's Good To Be Random

Download word art here

Preview of Word Art
3 layers

Here is an example of what I made with it and there is a tutorial for this tag called It's Good To Be Random (Forum Style)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Extras ~ Always and Forever

These extras were created using the fab scrap kit by Hungry Hill called Steamy.

I am also using PinUp Toons Individual Tube 93-3.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.