Monday, March 23, 2015

Tutorial ~ Boxed Beauty

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice.  I am using Barbara Jensen Exclusive Tube 3.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

Texture of choice.  I am using Texture 073 by ARTPLUSLOVE at Deviant Art.  There are many to choose from so find one that suits your tube or create your own.  You can even choose to use a nice scrap kit paper.

I am using the font Destroy found at

Using PSP 9 but am sure you could use most any version.

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Let's get started!

Open your supplies and shift D to duplicate, close out originals.

Open a new image 400 x 270.

Copy and paste your texture and position where you like.

Rectangle tool, choose black for background and white for foreground, pixel at 3.  Open up your tag to full view.  Using my tag as a guide draw out a rectangle.  Position where you like it.

Add a drop shadow to your new rectangle, v3, h1, 68, 18, black.  Hold down your CTRL and press Y to add drop shadow again.

Copy and paste your tube, position.  Add a Gradient Glow to your tube.  My settings are ::  Under your color tab choose thin, white.  Under your basic tab choose 3.0, 25, 100 and check the box.  Ok.  Add this gradient glow again then once more.

Add your credits.  I applied the same Gradient Glow to my credits then Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 degrees to the left.

Text tool, Caps locked, white background, Destroy at 36.  Type out your name.  Image, Rotate, Free Rotate 90 degrees to the left.  Position this in your rectangle.  You may need to change the font size to fit your name.  Try to fill the area out as much as you can.  Lower the opacity to 88.

Layers, Merge All, Flatten.

Image, Add a Border, white, 1 pixel, Symmetric checked, Image, Add a Border, change color to black, Add a Border again, choose color from your tube, Add a Border, black.  So you should have done this 4 times.

Save as a JPEG.

For my second tag I used Anna Liwanag Individual Tube 63-1 but changed the Blend Mode to Luminance Legacy.  I am also using Texture 009 from ARTPLUSLOVE.  I did change the colors around on my rectangle then added noise.  I also added the word beautiful then brought the opacity of that down to 31.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I would love to see your results and post them here to show off.  Please feel free to send them to me at

Dottie's tag turned out fabulous!

Marianne tried this one out and changed it around a bit but the results are still fab!

Amber tried this one out too and her super tag is below.

Monique's awesome tag is below!

Here is Fi's super tag!

Lou Ann's sexy tag!

I just LOVE what Dalova did with hers, the colors are so vibrant and pretty.

Sass' tag is so bold!  Great job.

Mags did a beautiful job!

I absolutely LOVE Goblin's contrasting colors!

Genea gave this one a try and her results are super!

Here is Maren's pretty colorful tag.

Here is Shaymin's awesome tag!

I LOVE what Chelle did with it!

Dottie did this one again and another stunning tag

Extras ~ PUT Inspiration

These extras were created using ScrapFoxy_TimeisBeautiful-Mini by Foxy Designz.

All three images are by PinUp Toons.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

As with all my creations you do not have permission to alter or add your name.

Extras ~ PUT Special Friends

These extras were created using the colorful Scraphonored_IB-PinUpToons-171-1 by Patty.

I am also using PinUp Toons Individual Tube 171-1 and PinUp Toons Individual Tube 171-2.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

As with all my creations do not alter in any way including adding your name to them.  I have a tag group on Facebook where I offer my tags.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tutorial ~ Framed Heat (Forum Style)

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice

One with close-up is preferred but not necessary.
I am using Michi Art Individual Tube 23-2.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.


Tramages Tow the Line

Penta Dot and Cross

I am using PSP 9 but am fairly certain that you can use any version

Let's get started!

Open a new image 500 x 200

Choose a lighter color for your background and a darker for your foreground.  Create a gradient.  Linear, Angle 23, Repeats 2.  Flood fill your image.

Choose your Selection Tool.  Rectangle, Add (shift) mode, Feather 0, Anti-alias checked.  Choose the Custom Selection.  Top & Left at 0.  Right at 250.  Bottom at 200.  Ok.

Selections, Promote Selection to Layer, Selections, Modify, Contract by 10, hit delete key.  Rename Left

Drop Shadow, 1, 1, 68, 7 then repeat changing to -1, -1.  Select None.

Make bottom layer active, Selection Tool, settings same as before, ok.  Selections, Invert, Selections, Modify, Contract by 10, Selections, Invert, Delete, Select None.  Add the same two drop shadows as before.  Rename Right.

Layers, New Raster Layer, Layers, Arrange, Send to Bottom.  Rename Back.

On your Back layer, Penta Dot and Cross, 56, 26, 10, ok.

On your Right layer, Tramages, Tow the Line, 80, 54, 48, 9, ok.

On your Left layer, Tramages, Tow the Line same settings, ok.

On your Back layer, Selections, Select All, Float, De-Float, copy and paste your close up tube, Selections, Invert, Delete.  Use eraser tool to remove any overhang of your image outside of box.  Decrease opacity to 41.

On your Right layer, Selections, Select All, Float, De-Float, copy and paste your smaller tube, resize to your liking if needed, Selections, Invert, Delete.  Add drop shadow -1, -1, 68, 7.

Make sure you are on top layer, Layers, New Raster Layer, flood fill with your dark color or black (whichever you prefer), Selections, Select All, Modify, Contract by 2, hit delete key.

Add your credits and your name.  I added the Dot and Cross effect to my name as well.  I used Impact font at 26 all caps.  Merge All Flatten and save as a JPEG.

I would love to see your results.  Please feel free to send them to me so I can show them off here.

Dottie tried it out and here are her pretty results

Dottie did another spectacular tag!

Bobbie tried it out and here are the fabulous results!