Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wallpaper ~ Steamy

This wallpaper was created using the fabulous scrapkit by Hungry Hill called Steamy.  If you like Steampunk then you will LOVE this kit!  Check out the preview of just some of the stuff in this kit below.

To save wallpaper click image then right click and save to your PC.  To use as wallpaper right click and set as desktop background.  This is 1600x900.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tutorial ~ Girly Girl (Forum Style)

Supplies Needed

I am using PinUp Toons Individual Tube 203-2
You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

Muras Meister Copies

Photo Effex Scanlines (I don't think this company is still around so if you don't have this filter already, in PSP you can use Blinds)

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

My Girly Girl word art found here

Font I used is Good Vibrations

PSP 9 but believe you can adjust for any version

As with any project it is best to open original tube and/or word art, Shift D to create duplicate then close your original.

Let's get started!

Open up a new image 500x200.

Open your tube.

Choose 2 colors from tube.  One lighter for foreground and darker for background.

Create a gradient.  Linear, Angle 328, repeats 7.

Flood fill your tag.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  Resize to your liking if needed.  Move to the left of your tag.

Duplicate tube.  Working on the original tube, should be raster 2, Muras Meister Copies, *Line with settings below making sure the 1/n Fade Out is checked.

Change blend mode to Luminance Legacy.  Lower opacity to 68.

Go to duplicate of tube, should be top layer, Image, Mirror, move up just a bit.  Check my tag for placement.

Background layer active, choose your rectangle tool, width 2, background color should be your gradient and foreground a complimentary color from your tube.  Draw out several lines in differnt lengths and widths, convert to raster.

Effects, PhotoEffex, Scanlines with settings below.
 If you do not have this filter just use Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds.  Width 6, Opacity 70, color white, horizontal checked, light from left unchecked.

Change blend mode to Luminance Legacy.

If you are using word art please follow next steps, if using your own text wording skip this next part and move on to the next paragraph.

Choose a color from your tube, open a new image 500x500.  Flood fill with color.  Copy.  Back to your word art, selections, select all, float, defloat.  Edit, paste as a new layer.  Selections, invert, delete, selections, select none.  Copy this top layer.  Go back to your tag making sure raster layer 2 is active and paste as a new layer.  Resize if needed and position to your liking.

Effects, Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow.  Under color tab choose Thin and color white.  Under basic tab change numbers to 3, 25, 100.  Apply.  If you are not using word art and using your own typed out text make sure to convert to raster layer first.

Make sure your top layer is your full color tube layer, hide this layer.  Make raster 2 active, layers, merge, merge visible.  Layers, new raster layer, flood fill with darker color you used for word art, selections, select all, selections, modify, contract by 3.  Hit delete key.  Selections, select none.  Apply the same Gradient Glow.  Unhide full color tube layer, should be top layer.

Add your name, convert to raster layer, position and use same Gradient Glow.  Merge all, flatten.  Add your credits (I added the same Gradient Glow to my credits as well)

Here is another example with different colors, tube and word art.
For this tag I am using Anna Liwanag Individual Tube 60-1

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I am always happy to share your results.  Send me your tag and I will post to my blog here to show off!

Marie tried it out and here are her stunning results

Here is Sydney's fabulous result


Sandra tried it out too and here are her super cute results
 Here is Dottie's beautiful result

and one more super pretty one by Dottie!

Love how Kat's turned out...the colors are GREAT!  If you click her name you can find some great matching extras on her blog!

Lou Ann tried it out and this is her super cute results

Melissa's try is fabulous!

Word Art ~ Girly Girl

You can find this word art here

Here is a sample of what you can create with this
 You can find the tutorial for this tag here