Friday, June 8, 2012

Wallpaper ~ Rock Girl

Wallpaper ~ Sunshine

Wallpaper ~ Yiassou

Embrace Your Inner Geek

Under the Sea

Life is Sweet

Walk on the Beach

To the Beach

Beach Bum

My wallpaper sharing site is coming down at Fotki

I just received a notice from Fotki that they were going to start charging me for storing my wallpaper there.  I am upset over this so I need to vent a bit.

I started creating things as a way to cope and deal with my mom's death in 2005.  I create as a hobby.  I pay for some items in order to create but I never have charged for sharing anything I make.  I can not afford to pay for Fotki to store my wallpaper in order for me to share them with all of you for free.  I will try to keep them here and upload as many as possible. 

Fotki has also held all my wallpaper hostage right now.  I can not access them to download if I don't pay so I will be losing some older papers I may not have on disk right now.  They just wrote to me and did not even give me an opportunity to get them before locking them up.

I hope that you will find something you like here.  Not as easy as the Fotki page but until I find an alternative for storage this will have to be how it's done.