Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tutorial ~ PTU ~ Fun Filled (Forum Style)

Supplies Needed

I am using Caron Vinson Individual Tube 64-3.  You must have a license to use this artwork.  Please visit CDO for more information.

 Muras Meister Copies

Xero Porcelain (optional)

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (optional)

Font I used for my name is Catholic Girls.  This is a PTU font.

I am using PSP 9 but am sure any version of PSP will do.

Make sure that once you open your supplies you Shift D to duplicate then close out your originals before continuing.

Let's get started!

Open a new image of 600x250.

Flood fill with paper element 34.

Copy and paste smallest tube as a new layer and position to the left.

Effects, Plugins, Muras Meister Copies with these settings.

 In your Layers pallet Blend Mode on Luminance Legacy.  Bring your Opacity down to 31.

Copy and paste your tube.  Resize to 68% all layers unchecked.  Position to liking.  Add drop shadow 1, 1, 50, 3, black.

Copy and paste word art element 50 and resize with the same settings.  Position.

Make your layer 2 active.  Copy and paste element 42.  Image, Mirror.  Add same drop shadow.

Copy and paste element 37.  Resize using same settings.  Add same drop shadow.  Position to liking.

Copy and paste element 36.  Resize to 31%.  Add same drop shadow.  Position.

Copy and paste element 33.  Resize to 31%.  Add same drop shadow.  Postion.

Make your layer 2 active.  Copy and paste element 41.  Resize to 41%.  Change blend mode to Luminance Legacy and position.  Add drop shadow.

This next step is optional.

Close out your tube layer and your word art layer in your layer pallet.  Making sure you are on an open layer Merge, Merge All Visible.

Effects, Plugins, Xero, Porcelain with the following settings

 Open your other two layers.  Layers Merge, Merge All, Flatten.

Selections, Select All, Modify, Select Selection Borders with the following settings

Layers, New Raster Layer, flood fill with paper element 30.  Selections, Select None.

Add same drop shadow.  Add drop shadow again but change first two numbers to -1.

Merge All Flatten.

Add your copyright and licensing information.  Because my tag is a little darker I like to add a slight Gradient Glow to my info line.  I have chosen under the settings Thin, white, with a glow of 3.

Add your name.  I am also adding a Gradient Glow to my name but changed the glow to 6.

Save as a JPEG.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please feel free to share your results with me and I will post them to my blog as an example.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

My great friend Dottie tried the tut out using a different tube and kit.
Here are her results

Here is Lee's beautiful result!

Dottie tried it out again.  Love what she did with it!

Dalova gave this one a try and here are her pretty results!

Fi did this one and it's so cute!

Monti gave it a whirl and this is her super cute taggage!


Lee Hynes said...

I did it!and enjoyed it,cant figure out how to post result?

Diana Stamatis Dalton said...

Hi Lee. Just send it to me via email and I will post it here :)